Caution: Comedy Ahead!

We celebrate the vital art of comedy in all its forms. Some material may be controversial or include explicit content.

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Caution: Comedy Ahead

Comedians aren’t known for pulling punches. Their art can be profane, explicit, controversial, and shocking. Some people find such boundary-pushing material refreshing and hilarious. Others do not. 

Examples of content that you may encounter on the National Comedy Center Anywhere platform include words like “damn” and “bitch,” bleeped language or alt characters, sexual innuendo, and slang. 

With this in mind, please consider your own sensitivities and comfort level before proceeding. 

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The Blue Room

“Blue” humor is a style of raw, uncensored comedy that is frequently profane and shocking in nature. It grapples bluntly with issues of race, sex, and gender. This content is an imperative part of comedy’s dynamic and diverse artistic landscape – but it is not suitable for children and may be upsetting to some adults. The National Comedy Center attraction in Jamestown, NY presents this type of raw, uncensored content in a designated “Blue Room” exhibit. Accordingly, we have marked this content with “Blue Room” disclaimers on the National Comedy Center Anywhere platform. Please engage with these videos according to your own comfort level.  

The inclusion of potentially offensive content and individuals reflects contributions to comedy, and is in no way an endorsement of any private actions or views. The opinions expressed by comedians are their own and do not necessarily represent the point of view of the museum.